A downloadable game for Windows

In this mini game you play as a wizard. The game is simply. You try to get your memories back. But can you ?

Thx guys for playing my game. This was my very first game jam, and I absolutely loved it.

Hope you have fun.


- Music loop issue

- Double player on level 5

Art: Gergő Kékesi (me)

Music: Zoltán "BirdCatcher" Madarász (my nice friend)

Font: AvenuePixelSoft-Stroke-Regular


Out of GameJam:

If you liked the game, and you want to play it without the bugs, or in the browser, you can check this page: https://stareyedgoatcat.itch.io/dementia-v12

After Jam ends, i will update this page also.



Theme relevance: The theme was "less is more". So as the wizard is less affected, he is strong AF, but as time passes... the disease takes control over him, and loses his power.

Made withUnity
Tags2D, pixel, Wizards
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Dementia.rar 18 MB


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It feels like a low budget syberpunk who fucked an old mario game.
I really liked it.
The game is not that long, but the challange can grow rapidly if the player goes in the wrong way.
There is a story whitch is quiet surprising in terms of the size of the development team.
The game could have a future if it gets some support.